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Comfortable & sustainable

Travelling by Deutsche Bahn

By train

to the mountains

We recommend travelling by public transport in both summer and winter. Travelling by train is not only sustainable and comfortable but also helps you avoid traffic jams and spares you from going hunting for parking.

Discounts for train passengers

Guests arriving by train will receive a discount on the mountain railway ticket on presentation of a valid DB ticket at our ticket counters. This applies to regular and return tickets, the Bayern-Ticket, the EU-RAIL-Pass, Interrail tickets, the Werdenfels-Ticket, the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket and the BahnCard 100. The exact reductions can be found in the overview of tickets and rates.

Information on the Deutschland-Ticket

  • The Deutschland-Ticket is only valid on the valley route of the cogwheel train from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Grainau. To continue to lake Eibsee or Zugspitze a separate ticket must be purchased.
  • The Deutschland-Ticket is not valid in cable cars. 
  • A discount on the mountain railway ticket is not possible with the Deutschland-Ticket.
  • Transport with the Deutschland-Ticket on the cogwheel train and Eibseebus is only possible if the number of guests allows it. At weekends and during holidays, it is likely that demand will exceed the existing capacity of the trains and buses and therefore not all people can be carried.
    Please note that guests with a valid mountain railway ticket have priority when traveling with the cogwheel train.

Combination tickets

Train & mountain railways

Together with our cooperation partner DB Regio, we also offer an attractive combination ticket in both the summer and winter seasons. It includes the train journey from Munich main station and a ticket for the Zugspitze or the Garmisch-Classic area.

Garmischer Sommer-Ticket

Services & rates

The Garmischer Sommer-Ticket can be purchased via the Deutsche Bahn webshop, DB sales points and ticket machines at the railway station. 

The ticket includes: 

The respective mountain railway ticket is included in the price and can be redeemed upon presentation of the Garmischer Sommer-Ticket at the ticket counters of the valley stations. 

Adults Children & youths 6–14 years
Combination ticket DB train and Garmisch-Classic Ticket EUR 45.00 EUR 6.00
Combination ticket DB train and Zugspitze Ticket EUR 77.00 EUR 12.00


Departure and arrival times

The travel recommendation for selected trains to and from Munich can also be downloaded here.